My daughter turns 12 this month and will be getting “promoted” (don’t get me started on that ridiculousness) from sixth grade into seventh this month, as well.

As many preteens are wont to do, she is eagerly looking forward to the future. There’s junior high and her driver’s license and jobs and college to look forward to.


The future is coming whether we like it or not (whether humans will be in it is a topic for another day…). But what will that future look like?

Writers address this concept all the time. And sometimes they get together to present varying futuristic options. Like right now, in the 2022 Visions of the Future StoryBundle.

Dean Wesley Smith curated this bundle, and Dean’s version of the future is always optimistic. We need more of that right now.

Here’s a bit about the bundle in Dean’s own words:

 I knew, without a doubt, I was going to really enjoy putting Visions of the Future together as a StoryBundle. I just love science fiction of all types, and any form of looking into the future, seeing visions of the future, is science fiction by definition.

For me, the future is a bright, hopeful place. That’s my nature. No matter how bad the news is at the moment, I tend to look at the future as a promise. Doesn’t mean the future won’t be full of problems. I am not that naïve, although sometimes my wife Kris thinks I am.

To read more about the bundle (which includes Dean’s Rescue Two from his Seeders Universe and Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Paloma, from her Retrieval Artist Universe) as well as Dean’s hopeful vision of the future, click here.

Like all StoryBundles, this one is only available for a limited time, so when it comes to buying the bundle, the future is now.

Speaking of ways to improve your future now, specifically your writing future, our special half-price sale on all WMG Teachable workshops and lectures ends this Thursday, June 9.

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The possibilities are endless.

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With all of these options, your future should look a bit brighter already.

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer, working mother, and brain tumor survivor.