I’m back in the office after two weeks of adventuring. To briefly recap: I flew to Gunnison, Colorado, for a week of teaching at Western Colorado University with Kevin J. Anderson and Mark Leslie Lefebvre, and then my family drove out to Gunnison to meet up with me.

From Gunnison, we drove to New Mexico, where we spent two days exploring Santa Fe. Then, we traveled west, stopping for a night in Sedona, Arizona, on our way to San Luis Obispo, California. From SLO, we took Route 1 up the California coast to Monterey and then headed inland to Sonoma. We took Highway 101 home from there, through the redwood forests of northern California and up the coast all the way home to Lincoln City, Oregon.

It was a lovely trip full of many adventures. We went from rocky coast to the Rocky Mountains to the high desert to the desert Southwest to the Mojave Desert to the fertile valleys of California to the coast again.

We won’t do it again, though. It was quite an ambitious road trip. In the future, we’ll make California its own trip and instead spend more time in Santa Fe and Sedona, two of my favorite places on the planet.

But after everything we’ve been through the past few years—in our case: brain surgery and devastating pet losses in addition to the pandemic that has touched us all—it was wonderful to plan and experience an ambitious adventure.

But ambitious adventures are not for vacations alone. I have a brand-new reading adventure to tell you about, and it’s a big one.

Draft2Digital has partnered with Humble for the Stars of Sci-Fi Summer book bundle, and WMG has three titles in this jam-packed offering: The Diving Series Box Set: Books 1-3 by Hugo-winning author Kristine Kathryn Rusch; The High Edge: A Seeders Universe Novel by USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith; and Fiction River: Moonscapes, edited by Dean.

You can also discover tales by Hugo-winning authors Brandon Sanderson (Shadows Beneath) and Frank Herbert (High-Opp). Explore the futures imagined by Alan Dean Foster (Three Books, Countless Worlds), Kevin J. Anderson (Resurrection, Inc.), and more stars of sci-fi, and help support First Book with your purchase!

There are 35 total titles in this bundle ($308 total value), and you pay what you want.

Pay less to get fewer items, get them all for $18, or pay extra to give more to publishers, Humble, and charity.

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So, finish off your summer by traveling on your own ambitious adventures through strange worlds and to new horizons in this incredible collection of science fiction novels and stories!

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer, working mother, and brain tumor survivor.