Three Strong Women Protecting Their World, One Person At A Time.

Protectors Series Reading Order

“Blaming the Arsonist” (short story)
“Combat Medic” (short story)
Stone Cribs (A Smokey Dalton Novel)
“Special Delivery” (short story only available in the Protectors Special Edition)
Protectors (novel)
“Family Affair” (short story)
“Sob Sisters” (short story)

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Three Strong Women Protecting Their World, One Person at a Time.
Nelscott expertly mixes history and mystery, and readers will be happy that she intends to write more books about these distinctive people and eventful times.
<i>—Publisher’s Weekly</i>

This series continues to build as Kris Nelscott writes more about the turmoil of 1969 Berkeley and takes us deeper into the lives of the characters, with riveting attention to detail.

This novel and short story will keep you turning pages into the late night and shock you at the same time.