Although we at WMG are off today for the observed Christmas Day holiday in the US, the excitement of Christmas is now over. The presents are unwrapped, the advent calendars are done, and we’re officially in that in-between space between the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

This week has its own special feeling. It’s still technically the holidays, the tree and the lights are still up, but the stress of the holidays is gone. It’s also the perfect time to reflect on the year that’s about to end and plan for the new year.

For me, like 2021, 2022 was a hard year emotionally. By mid-April, I had lost my remaining two cats (less than two months apart). I had some health issues (minor and not brain-related, thank goodness), but it did require a battery of tests to figure out. And my daughter started seventh grade, which is a whole roller coaster of emotions for her and for me.

But there were some high points, too. Despite not being at all ready for new relationships with any kind of furry friend, we found ourselves rescuing two feral kittens. They are now six months old and quickly forgetting they were ever feral. It is wonderful to hear kittens thundering around the house again. I’ve still got guards on my heart, but those walls will crumble in time.

And Nola is thriving in school. Despite the bumpy dramatic start, she’s settled in well and is involved in sports and band and theater and still getting straight As, even in advanced math. And most importantly, she’s proving to be a kind, caring friend. I’m so proud of her.

And WMG, of course, had a great year! As promised, we didn’t top the insanity of last year’s publishing schedule, but the staff here at WMG (all three of us) still released 127 new titles in 2022!

So, you know, we’re still nuts, but more manageably so <grin>.

I’ll include a month-by-month breakdown of all the titles we released in 2022 below this blog. But that’s not all we did this year!

We also:

  • Released all of Dean Wesley Smith’s galaxy-spanning Seeders Universe novels in hardcover for the first time.
  • Offered 18 books in StoryBundles.
  • Offered 3 book in the first ever D2D Humble bundle.
  • Ran 6 successful Kickstarters.
  • And launched the weekly Every Day’s a Holiday at WMG newsletter, in which we offer free books and discounts on WMG online workshops related to that week’s holiday.

Whew! So, take a look at the master list of every new title we released in 2022. And if you see a title (or several) that you missed (who could blame you?), click on the title to go to the WMG store page and add it to your cart.

But we don’t rest on our laurels here at WMG. We already have some exciting things planned for 2023. More on that next week.

In the meantime, thank you so much for your support throughout the year. We wish you a very happy and healthy new year!

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer, working mother, and brain tumor survivor.

The List

Smith’s Monthly #57

“Rainbow Peak: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“Old Memories: A Marble Grant Story”
“A Song for the Old Memory: A Bryant Street Story”
“Dead Woman Walking: A Sky Tate Story”
The Reflection on Mount Vitaki
“The Blitz Experience: A Faerie Justice Story”
Green Valley: A Thunder Mountain Novel
Smith’s Monthly #58
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #16

Fiction River: Broken Dreams
“Blue Finds a Home: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“The Birth of a Superhero: A Poker Boy Story”
“Kill for a Statistic: A Bryant Street Story”
“Debbie Does the Desert: A Sky Tate Story”
“Alien Ball”
Big Eyes: A Pakhet Jones Short Novel
Smith’s Monthly #59

“Trail Guns Meet: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“The Curious Reason for Death: A Mary Jo Assassin Story”
“A Home for the Books: A Bryant Street Story”
“The Beauty in a Puzzling Case: A Sky Tate Story”
“Death and Life in a Long Hot Day: A Marble Grant Story”
Crimes Collide, Vol. 1
Crimes Collide, Vol. 2
Crimes Collide, Vol. 3
Crimes Collide, Vol. 4
Crimes Collide, Vol. 5
Rescue Two: A Seeders Universe Short Novel
Smith’s Monthly #60

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #17
“Enough Time: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“Ashes to Weddings: A Marble Grant Story”
“Subdivision Survival: A Game: A Bryant Street Story”
“Deadly Invisible Sky: A Pahket Jones Story”
“The Dark Man”
Smith’s Monthly #61

“Without a Ripple: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“Cowboy Nathan: An Earth Protection League Story”
“For the Show of It: A Bryant Street Story”
“Start with Butter: A Sky Tate Story”
Smith’s Monthly #62
Lessons from the Writing of The Fey
Jingle My Bells (Pulphouse Book)
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #18

“Lost Canyon: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“A Gift from the Centuries: A Seeders Universe Story”
“It’s My Party: A Bryant Street Story”
“The Woman in the Wall: A Mary Jo Assassin Story”
The Holiday Spectacular #3
Smith’s Monthly #63

“Human Business: A Faerie Justice Story” (Part of the Unexpected Histories Uncollected Anthology)
“Ghost of Poker Games Past: A Poker Boy Story” (Part of the Unexpected Histories Uncollected Anthology)
“Lost Canyon Cave: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“A Marble from Sherry: A Skip Keepers Story”
“A Cold Case Future: A Sky Tate Story”
“Will You Still Love Me In Five Minutes?: A Marble Grant Story”
Smith’s Monthly #64

“Passing in Time: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“Enjoying the Company: A Bryant Street Story”
“Can’t Go Home: A Sky Tate Story”
“No Firing Squad Yet: A Marble Grant Story”
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #19
“Hunches: A Diving Universe Short Story”
Smith’s Monthly #65

A Weird Holiday Season
Cold-Blooded Christmas
Mistletoe Moments
“Yesterday’s Cold Grave: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“A Lack of Tomorrow: A Bryant Street Story”
“Age Might Be a Number: A Poker Boy Story”
“A Big Twisted Plot: A Marble Grant Story”
Smith’s Monthly #66

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #20
“Fifty: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“The Back Seat: A Bryant Street Story”
“Mystery Cat: Another Perspective: A Pahket Jones Story”
‘Just Imagine Murder: A Marble Grant Story”
Smith’s Monthly #67

“The Cabin Between the Pines: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“The Park, the Yard, and Other Cold Places: A Bryant Street Story”
“She Was Dancing: A Marble Grant Story”
“Frank’s Corner Bar”
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine #21
“Other People’s Stupidity”