Is it just me, or did this year feel like, well, a lot?

The pandemic didn’t help that, of course. We’re still wearing masks, still weighing the risk of every outing and human interaction, and I’ve gotten more shots in the arm this year than I have since I was a kid.

I’ve also lost two of my furry family members this year. I have two left, but at 17½ years and 16 years, it’s about appreciating each day with them at this point.

Emotionally, this year has been difficult. But I’ve had plenty of work to distract me, thank goodness.

We’re a small but resourceful staff here at WMG. As of the end of 2021, we have three full-time employees. We do contract out some work, but the three of us (me, Gwyneth and Josh) make up the core team.

And the feat this team pulled off this year is nothing short of…I’m searching for the right word here, because insane is what keeps coming to mind.

As I was pulling this blog together, I tallied the number of new titles we released this year (as I do every year for my Year in Review blog).

But this year, just like Santa, I had to check my list twice.

You see, WMG Publishing released 208 new titles in 2021. Two hundred and eight new titles!

Our busiest months were February (28 new titles, or the equivalent of one per day), June (27 new titles), October (27 new titles) and December (39 new titles, more than one per day).

Honestly, if I’d actually added all that up before now, I think I would have collapsed.

To give you a comparison to other publishers, consider these statistics:

  • Baen Books publishes three to four new titles a month, or 36 to 48 a year. It has 22 employees.
  • Soho Press publishes 90 new titles a year. It has 5 employees.
  • Sourcebooks publishes more than 350 new titles a year. It has more than 130 employees.
  • Scholastic publishes more than 600 new titles a year. It has 8,900 employees.
  • Hachette publishes about 1,400 adult titles a year. It has 7,500 employees.
  • Penguin Random House publishes more than 70,000 digital and 15,000 print books each year. It has more than 10,000 employees.

Mind you, these bigger publishers have a lot more infrastructure and sales staff to account for some of those employee discrepancies. And Baen also mines its backlist quite effectively, so they release more books than that number of new titles reflects (but still not as many as we did this year).

Soho Press is our closest equivalent, and in a normal year, we publish about 100 new titles. Still impressive, but considering we more than doubled our normal productivity… Yes, we are very tired <grin>.

So, why did we publish such an insane number of books?

Part of the reason is the pandemic. As you might recall, in 2020, we wound up putting a number of projects on hold (like the rest of the world). We also conceived of several new projects during Kickstarters we launched that year that needed to be fulfilled in 2021.

And then, there was Dean Wesley Smith and his 70@70 Challenge. As the name suggests, he accounted for 70 of those new titles himself! (Also insane, and he’s also tired <grin>.)

Speaking of Kickstarters, we successfully funded six of those this year, too. And participated in nine StoryBundles.

Will we try to top these numbers next year? Not on your life. But am I proud of what we’ve accomplished? You bet I am!

So, take a look at the master list of every new title we released in 2021. And if you see a title (or several) that you missed (who could blame you?), click on the title to go to the WMG store page and add it to your cart.

As for me and the staff, we’re going to take some time off for a much-needed long winter’s nap.

Allyson Longueira is publisher of WMG Publishing. She is an award-winning writer, editor and designer, working mother, and brain tumor survivor.

The List

Smith’s Monthly #45

Aliens Among Us
WMG Holiday Spectacular Valentine’s Day Calendar of Stories (11 new short stories)
Fiction River: Chances
Thieves: A Diving Novel
“Black Coffee: A Marble Grant Story”
“Blind Poet”
“Cat in Waiting: A Pakhet Jones Story”
“The Portal of Wrong Love: A Poker Boy Story”
Smith’s Monthly #46
“Death Stopped for Miss Dickinson”
The Year of the Cat: A Cat of Artistic Sensibilities
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Issue #10
“A Menu of Memory: A Bryant Street Story”
“Cat in the Air: A Pakhet Jones Story”
“Lost Robot: A Sky Tate Story”
“Mystery Cat: A Poker Boy Story”
“Profile Gap: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“Under Glass: A Cold Poker Gang Story”

Smith’s Monthly #47
The Year of the Cat: A Cat of Fantastic Whims
Maelstrom: A Diving Universe Novella
Fiction River: Dark & Deadly Passions

“Puckish Behavior”
“Cat in a Different Place: A Pakhet Jones Story”
“Lost Time: A Marble Grant Story”
“Penny Dead: A Sky Tate Story”
“The Remarkable Way She Died: A Cold Poker Gang Story”
“Wrong Turn: A Bryant Street Story”
Smith’s Monthly #48
The Year of the Cat: A Cat of Feral Instincts
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Issue #11
“Funhouse Mirrors”
Colliding Worlds, Vol. 1
Colliding Worlds, Vol. 2
Colliding Worlds, Vol. 3
Colliding Worlds, Vol. 4
Colliding Worlds, Vol. 5
Colliding Worlds, Vol. 6

Bitter Mountain Moonlight: A Cave Creek Anthology
Open Ended Threat: A Cave Creek Anthology
Promise in the Gold: A Cave Creek Anthology
Card Sharp Silver: A Cave Creek Novel
“Cat in a Hole: A Pakhet Jones Story”
“Half a Clue: A Cold Poker Gang Story”
“Pleasing Pearl: A Sky Tate Story”
“Remembering the Last Laugh: A Bryant Street Story”
“Whistle for Help: A Marble Grant Story”
Smith’s Monthly #49
“The Watch”
The Year of the Cat: A Cat of Romantic Soul

Tips about the Film/TV Industry for Novelists
How to Write a Novel in Half a Month
Diving Pairs, Vol. 1 (City of Ruins & Becalmed)
Diving Pairs, Vol. 2 (Boneyards & Squishy’s Teams)
Diving Pairs, Vol. 3 (Skirmishes & Strangers at the Room of Lost Souls)
Diving Pairs, Vol. 4 (The Runabout & The Falls)
Diving Pairs, Vol. 5 (The Spires of Denon & The Renegat & Escaping Amnthra)
Diving Pairs, Vol. 6 (Searching for the Fleet & Thieves)
Bottom Pair: A Cold Poker Gang Novel
The Year of the Cat: The Complete Collection
Kill Game (hardcover)
Cold Call (hardcover)
Calling Dead (hardcover)
Bad Beat (hardcover)
Dead Hand (hardcover)
Freezeout (hardcover)
Ace High (hardcover)
Burn Card (hardcover)
Heads Up (hardcover)
Ring Game
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Issue #12
“Cat in Love: A Pakhet Jones Story”
“Center Drives: A Sky Tate Story”
“Let’s Dance: An Earth Protection League Story”
“Under the Skin of Death: A Cold Poker Gang Story”
Smith’s Monthly #50

Stories from Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine
Stories from the Original Pulphouse: A Fiction Magazine
That’s Really Messed Up
“Paperwork to Come”
The Holiday Spectacular #2
The First Year: A Marble Grant Novel
“Cat Leading the Way: A Pakhet Jones Story”
“Mule Creek Landslide: A Thunder Mountain Story”
“Something in My Darling: A Bryant Street Story”
“That Human Fear: A Cold Poker Gang Story”
“The Story of Jean: A Sky Tate Story”
Smith’s Monthly #51

The Big Tom: A Pakhet Jones Short Novel
“A Missing Sister Dream: A Marble Grant Story”
“Dannie Finds a Home”
“Playing Scared: A Poker Boy Story”
“She Lost a Period: A Sky Tate Story”
“The Man Who Tasted the Other Side: A Bryant Street Story”
Smith’s Monthly #52
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Issue #13

“A Matter for God”
Ball of Confusion: An Earth Protection League Novella
“A Beautiful History: A Poker Boy Story”
“Crystal Blue Attraction”
“Obvious Creeper: A Marble Grant Story”
“Rescue Two: A Seeders Universe Story”
“Stranger in the Shadows: A Bryant Street Story”
Smith’s Monthly #53
The Chase: A Diving Novel
“Cat Running Wild:  A Pakhet Jones Story”
“Cherry Jones:  A Sky Tate Story”
“Reluctant with Intent: A Marble Grant Story”
“The Woman Who Knew the Time: A Bryant Street Story”

Hot Springs Meadow: A Thunder Mountain Novella
Mysterious Christmas
Fantastic Christmas
Sweet Holidays
Stories for the Cold of Winter
Don’t Touch My Magic
Ghosts Among Us
Run! Creatures, Critters, and Pulphousers…
There’ll Be Blue Popcorn Without You!
Twisted Robots
“The Demise of Snot Rocket”
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Issue #14
WMG Holiday Spectacular Halloween Calendar of Stories (9 new short stories)
A Case for Aliens
Fantasy Love
A Time for Cool Madness
Weird Crime
Holiday Insanity
Smith’s Monthly #54

Sweet Valentines
Halloween Harvest
“Unity Con: A Spade/Paladin Conundrum”
A Poker Boy Christmas: A Poker Boy Collection
Ghosts are Weird
The End Might Be Interesting After All
Too Strange for the Name
“A Brush with Intent: A Bryant Street Story”
“Cat Caught in the Art: A Pakhet Jones Story”
“Models Four: A Marble Grant Story”
“Patty Bluff: A Sky Tate Story”
Ten Little Fen: A Spade/Paladin Conundrum
Smith’s Monthly #55
WMG Holiday Spectacular 2021 Calendar of Stories (38 new short stories)

“Ghost Diet: A Marble Grant Story”
“Hidden Box Inn and Casino: A Poker Boy Story”
“I’ll See You: A Bryant Street Story”
“Viewing Susan: A Sky Tate Story”
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Issue #15
Smith’s Monthly #56
“And a Cup of Good Cheer”